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About us


The story of our start up

Our story *Glass of Art* is not only a story about business, but also a story about a strong friendship from which Glass of art was born!

It all started when we both met four years ago. We bonded quickly, finding out that we had so much in common, despite our different personalities.

It was this  very difference though, that turned out to be a beautiful balance in business.


Creating something special


 We both studied Business Administration here in Vienna, worked a lot during our studies and had the passion for creating something special! Something we could call ours!

One essential ingredient, the binder of our friendship, was WINE! The love for good wine, shared with a good friend was the best way to relax during our student years. And it was exactly during one of those relaxing evenings – us two enjoying good wine, when Glass of art was born!

We decided to challenge ourselves and build something new and exciting for the Austrian market! So we jumped into the deep waters!

Truth be told


It wasn’t an easy task at all! It cost us almost half a year to plan out the beginning of Glass of art!

For example, to you оrdering canvases may sound like something very easy to do – something not worth making a big deal out of, but to us, it was the most crucial step. It was the very first step on the way that took us to May 27, the date of our first event!

We were so excited to arrange the tables for the first time, to welcome our first guests and to see how a dream can become a reality!

Now we are more than happy to have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to let them be a part of this unique experience! We want to thank our families and friends, who were so supportive and helped us believe in ourselves and turn our idea into a reality! An idea is nothing if you don’t believe in it. But if you do, then it can be anything!

Meet Our Team

Suzana Yordanova

Suzana Yordanova


Slavena Nikolova

Slavena Nikolova


Ready to Make your Masterpiece ?

Unleash your creativity, enjoy creating and we will take care of the rest !

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